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July 2018

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Every year The Argonaut publishes a Best of the Westside Edition and we would love to come in first again for best Veterinary Clinic.

Go to:

Click the "Polls are Open" banner at the top.

You can vote for businesses of all types but please be sure to vote for us a couple of screens in (number 140).

You must vote in at least 20 categories for your vote to count.

Thanks for letting us keep your pet healthy!



Got a stinky dog? We have a special Summer Edition of the Deluxe Bath. Your pampered pup will receive:

  • A shed-reduction coconut lime shampoo
  • Raspberry conditioning rinse
  • Nail trim
  • Brush out
  • Bandana in the pattern of your choice

Dogs under 45 lbs: $62      Dogs 46 - 90 lbs: $69      Dogs 90 - 100 lbs: $73     Dogs over 100 lbs: $80

(Original graphic by


We are Happy to Announce a New Paint Job for our Canine Boarding Area

Our Canine Boarding area features five 4 x 7 foot runs for large dogs.

Dogs are walked three times daily and housed separate from cats.



Planning a vacation?

Make a boarding reservation for your dog today!


Pardon Our Dust During Our Outdoor Face Lift

We'll be getting a new coat of stucco as well as paint job. We expect it all to wrap up over a week or so. Thank you for your patience



Fire Season Has Begun.

As the surrounding hills become dry and crispy, the threat of brush fire emerges as it does annually in the Los Angeles area. Even if you are not in a brushy area, earthquakes can happen any where at any time.

You probably haven't thought much about evacuation but maybe you should take a few moments: brochure:

CARES brochure:

• Keep informed by monitoring current fire information at the Cal Fire Map webpage:


DID YOU KNOW ...that having too many fleas can kill your pet?

Most of us know what a nuisance fleas are especially when the weather is hot. Fleas love this and their life cycle speeds up to take advantage. We think of fleas as causing itchy skin and primarily that is what they do but it is easy to forget that fleas are tiny little vampires sucking away your pet's blood. Too many fleas are lethal and if the pet is not allergic to flea bites, he or she will not itch.

Many people do not think their pet has fleas because there is no itching and they miss a large flea burden draining the life from a small animal. We have already given one transfusion for flea anemia this summer. Ask us about flea control if you need help.


A Special Thank you to our Referring Clients

We are honored when our clients refer their friends and family to our hospital and as a token of thanks, we credit their account $25 for each new client they bring. This month we wish to thank:

Danielle and Lance Fujimoto
Ginger Herlofsky
Gilbert Lee
Mike O'Learyer

To obtain the $25 credit, the referred client cannot have the same address as the referring client. The referred client must have received medical services for their pet in order to generate a credit for the person who referred them (retail or pet food sales or services at vaccination clinic do not count toward referral credit).

Dr. Jenny Johnson's Next Day For Chiropractic Is

THURSDAY August 2nd.

Appointment times are still available.

Chiropractic helps with:

  • Posture and Mobility
  • Spinal pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Conditions mediated by spinal nerves

Shockwave therapy is also available for drug-free management of arthritis pain
To set up an appointment, call us at 310-391-6741.
For more information on Veterinary Chiropractic or Shockwave therapy, click here.

Please allow 24 hours for processing of medication refills. Thank you.



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