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Pet Behavior and Training Experts


Pet Behavior and Training Experts in our Area



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Dog training companies and behavior management experts come by our hospital on a regular basis and want to leave business cards or other advertising materials with us. We rarely accept these offers as it implies endorsement by our hospital when, in fact, we have very little familiarity with most of these groups. We have assembled a list of companies we feel are reputable for simple puppy training classes as well as for solving canine and feline behavior problems. We invite our clients to send testimonials which we may post on our web site so as to assist others in selecting behavior professionals.


West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club


West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club Logo

Very reasonably priced classes for basic obedience, agility or conformation (show ring) training. The club also organizes competitions.


Doggie Manners


Doggie Manners Logo

Offers puppy kindergarten, basic obedience classes (both group and private)
plus classes in performing tricks, nosework, and special small dog classes. Reasonably priced.

I Said Sit Services


I Said Sit Services Logo

This company has been established locally for many years. They offer puppy classes, basic training, and private training in your home.
They also offer behavior problem solving. Dogs only.


Dog Remedy


Dog Remedy Logo

This group focuses on behavior problems and proper puppy citizenship through private training. They are members of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

To view a list of other local affiliate behavior consultants, visit: Logo

Services are web-based only and include a free newsletter as well as free question/answer area once you sign up as a member.
No actual classes or “hands on” with the trainer, however. Logo

Learn how your dog actually thinks and from there learn how best to communicate through games and training exercises.
This company uses cutting edge behavior science to bring you and your dog to the best relationship based on a new level of understanding.

Fun Paw Care

Fun Paw Care Logo

This company offers both dog training services as well as day care. Phone consultations also available. Basic training and socialization are available as well as management of problem behaviors.

Sometimes a behavior problem requires expert intervention. We are fortunate to have a veterinary behaviorist (a veterinarian who specializes in behavior) in our area. Consultation with such an expert is at least an hour and involves follow-up visits. If possible, the entire family as well as the pet should be present for the evaluation as all the dynamics at work must be assessed. Medications as well as exercise and training regimens may be prescribed. For this kind of in-depth problem-solving evaluation, please contact:

Dr. Karen Sueda
VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital


ASPCA:  Common Dog Behaviors:

ASPCA: Finding Professional Behavior Help:

The Art and Science of Animal Behavior (Dr. Sophia Yin):

AKC GoodDog! Helpline subscription services
for training consults by phone:



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