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Knee Joint Bones 

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Normal Joint Structure

Normal Joint Structure

(An important starting point for understanding joint disease.)
People happily buy over-the-counter joint supplements with no idea what they are or how they might help. Understanding the treatment options of degenerative arthritis requires an understanding of what is normal. Here is a brief review.



Arthritis Medications

Medications and Supplements Used to Treat Arthritis

Arthritis pain is an important cause of discomfort and loss of mobility in aged pets, and there are numerous remedies on the market. Which ones can be combined? Which are proven reliable and which may only work in some individuals? Read on for more information.



Products for Arthritic Dogs

Products and Gadgets for Arthritic Dogs

When a dog, especially a big dog, begins to have trouble getting around (or even getting up after lying down), there are some helpful gadgets and gizmos on the market that might be useful. We have collected links and pictures of products we think are handy when it comes to life with an arthritic dog. Please browse what we have so far, and if you have a suggestion for something you have found helpful do not hesitate to use the “Send eMail” function at the bottom of the page.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Arthritic Patients

With so much focus lately on the new medications for arthritis, physical therapy has come to be overlooked. We have put together a summary of massage techniques and exercise tips for owners of poorly mobile dogs.


Some Conditions Leading to Joint Disease


Support on the Internet

Here is the link to a Listserv Group for the owners of disabled dogs to discuss the care and love of their disabled dogs. This is a free Yahoo group that is designed to help answer questions and share stories of your disabled dogs.

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