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(or his owner)


Zero Odor Spray

This product was recently independently tested and found to decrease inappropriate elimination and behaviors associated with litter dissatisfaction when sprayed on the litter box twice daily.


Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

The CatGenie actually hooks up to a water supply and actually flushes like a toilet. The soiled litter is cleaned, disinfected, and dried automatically. No litter changes is needed ever.


The Scoop-Free system uses a litter cartridge that is changed once a month. This litter system uses crystal technology to dehydrate and shrink cat waste and an automatic comb to sweep the waste and store it inside a locked compartment.


The LitterRobot uses a rotating compartment instead of a comb to remove waste which is then stored in a drawer with a bag for removal later.


The classic LitterMaid system uses a sensor to detect when the cat has left. It then combs the litter and deposits waste clumps into special baggies for disposal.


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